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Letter of invitation and presentation ofthe MISTICA Virtual Community

Dear colleague,

We invite you to join our virtual community since your research or work deals with the social impact of ICT's. Our community consists of people and institutions from Latin America and Caribbean that are involved in investigation-action linked to social impact of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and particularly of the Internet. We believe that due to your professional and institutional interest in this field you will be interested in participating in our discussions and therefore we would like to welcome you to our list.

The community that we are creating is part of the project on Methodology and Social Impact of the Technologies of Information and Communication in America (MISTICA). It is a FUNREDES (Networks and Development Foundation) project sponsored by the CIID (International Center of Investigations for the Canadian government's Development) and FPH (Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind) under the direction of the Alliance for a Solidary and Responsible World.

By accepting our invitation, you will join a participative and democratic process that aims to identify milestones in the field of the investigation-action of ICT (and particularly Internet) applications and their social impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. Further details of the project can found at http://funredes.org/mistica/ (in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese).

The project lasts two years and aims to experiment with an original methodology to create and organize virtual communities that should, at the same time, facilitate information management and boost productivity. We will also be ready to create a virtual community that is balanced from the thematic and regional point of view and that will represent socially discriminated groups.

MISTICA plans to implement a reference web site (clearinghouse), which would list actors in the field of social impact of ICT's, along with evaluations of their work. Moreover, it will index the development projects as well as the most important promoters and donors.

One of the MISTICA project goals is also to offer funds that would promote Pilot Projects that allow advances in the research of the social impact of the ICT. The funding procedures will be democratically discussed inside the virtual community.

The official language of the project is Spanish. However, the methodological tools that support the virtual community include an automatic translation component that will manage Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. These tools will become operational in the phase following a meeting of all the participants that will take place in Samaná, Dominican Republic, from the 11th to 16th of April, 1999.

In order to access our virtual community, you only need to complete this form. A part of the requested information (eg. gender and age) is only for statistical purposes. This information will constitute the public directory of our community, providing all the members with the ability to choose which information will be disclosed.

Finally, if any person or institutions that you know of have characteristics that are pertinent to our project, please inform them of this invitation and of our community.

Thank you for your attention.


The MISTICA Coordination Team:
Catherine Dhaussy (FUNREDES) - <catherine@funredes.org>
Senaïda Jansen (FUNREDES) - <sjansen@funredes.org>
Daniel Pimienta (FUNREDES) - <pimienta@funredes.org>
Luis Germán Rodríguez L. (Instituto de Urbanismo, FAU. Universidad Central de Venezuela) - <lgrodrig@reacciun.ve>


PS: If you manage a telecenter or if your interest on the social impact of  ICT includes specifically the topic telecenter, we kindly recommand that you visit the page of the Telecentros (LINK http://tele-centros.org ) project fron the sister NGO Chasquinet (LINK http://chasquinet.org ) and to join the Telecentros virtual community (LINK   http://tele-centros.org/mailman/listinfo/telecentros )

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